1st May 2019


1.  Website Performance

The faster your web page performance the higher you will be ranked on Google. Sounds simple however it is quite difficult to achieve if you have no experience or technical knowledge. Here are a few tips of how to speed up your web pages –

Image Size – Make sure you minify all of your images on your site as this can make a big difference to load times. Here is a link to minify your images.

CSS & JS Size - Another substantial gain is minifying your CSS and JS files so load times will be reduced. Here is a link.

Hosting – Generally the cheaper your hosting plan the less performance you are going to receive. A dedicated web server may cost you $75+ per month however will give you maximum performance, higher ranking and potentially more leads and sales.


2.  Keywords

Do you know the keywords that you are targeting or what works best for your products or services? There are many tools to review the most relevant keywords for your website however we would recommend using specialists such as Yappl to undertake a full website audit. This would then give you the recommend keywords.

Using this information you are then able to place effective keywords and content into your pages for Google to recognise. Also Google analytics is a great to tool to review your keywords.


3.  Articles

Content is definitely king when it comes to ranking higher on google however it is all about quality and not quantity. For example, write 5 great 2000 word articles that will provide value to people. If you provide value then your articles will be shared via social media and your ranking will improve.

For ideas, take a look at what your competitors have written and try and place your specific keywords throughout your article. Also ensure that your articles have good and consistent formatting and are easy to follow.

Great articles take time and research however this will pay off later when they are indexed on Google, maximising your exposure and reducing your advertising spend.


4.  Avoid using Wordpress sites

If you cannot control every line of code within your website then you are not in control of your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). At Yappl we specialise in custom websites and providing full 100% SEO.

Wordpress sites may seem easy to update but have an ‘engine’ that will produce many more lines of code than you need. All of this will impact on your website load performance and rankings.

If WordPress is unavoidable then a mixture of custom web pages with great SEO and specific WordPress pages work well for our clients.


5.  Content Mark-up

Google needs to find your content if you want to be indexed. You can do this through using the correct mark-up. Here are the best mark-up tips –

Title Tags i.e. H1, H2 – You need to ensure that your title tags accurately describe your content and have specific keywords within those tags.

Alt Tags – Make sure that your images have alt tag descriptions and keywords to provide Google with this information.

Internal Linking – If you want Google to find your articles or content then you need to ensure you site has adequate internal linking.

A tool such as Semrush.com will help you to determine what is required for your website however you also need the technical experience and understanding to achieve great SEO.


Finally, there are many more tips we could share however the most important part of SEO is understanding what works best and then more importantly maintaining your SEO and ranking position.

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